What It's Like to Work with Michael

“I was struggling with debilitating anxiety and really started retreating from my friends, my family and my job. Michael helped me get back to feeling like I could do my routine without feeling like every day was another struggle.” – Helen

“Michael was so professional and non-judgemental, I felt like I could for the first time say what had been weighing on me out loud. I felt so comfortable talking to Michael during our sessions, when previously I couldn’t find the safe space.” – Loren 

“My son was acting out to the point where it was trying counseling or removing him from school. We decided to give counseling a try and Michael helped us turn around what could have been a much worse situation. With some guidance from Michael, we now have hope.” – Aaron

Licensure & Credentials

Plan Be Founder Michael Shelby earned his Master of Arts in Psychology from Northcentral University in 2019. His specialties include substance abuse and behavioral addictions.

Recognized as leading expert in his field, Michael has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, The Today Show, and iHeart Radio. The Hartford Courant has featured articles about addiction programs Michael created for local high schools in West Hartford, CT.